Wing Chun Dummies for sale

 Limited Edition Hand Crafted Quality Wing Chun / Ving Tsun hard wood Dummies (Mook Yan Jong)  now for Sale.

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Based on the Famous Koo Sang Wooden Dummy, his design was made famous
by the late Grand Master Ip Man, Wong Shun Leung.

These dummies are made from very heavy hard wood (not medium hard wood like teak or mahogany) with a one piece solid truck (not glued laminated pieces) for the body. Made to the correct measurements to be able to practice the complete dummy form.

The legs are also hard wood with natural knee joint, similar to Koo Sang’s original wooden legs. Arms also made from hard wood including Green Heart wood.

Koo Sang, a Wing Chun student of Ip Man, is best known for making dummies and producing many high quality dummies until he retired and giving us the specs that dummies are made from today.

These dummies can be seen in London, Bristol or Somerset.

For more info please ring 07956 304542.