Some foundation drills from the Introduction to Wing Chun Class




New students to Wing Chun offer ask me about where to start looking on the web for wing chun clips and points of reference. Therefore I have put these links up as a starting point to help them on their own research on the path.

Some Wing Chun points of reference

Wing Chun kung fu – Wong Shun Leung – Siu Lim Tau

This is an extract from Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun The science of In-Fighting. The complete DVD can still be purchased on the net.

Sifu NG Chun-hong teaching Wing Chun at his Kwoon 

Anyone considering a trip to Hong Kong and wanting to train in an authentic Wing Chun school can get in contact with Sifu Ng Chun Hong through his website

Sifu Ng Chun Hong studied with Jiu Wan,Lok Yiu and Wong Sheung Leung.


NG Chun-hong Wing Chun



Si Fu Michael louison Wing Chun Chi Sao techniques


Si Fu Michael louison Wing Chun kung fu Chi Sao techniques


Si Fu Michael louison Wing Chun kung fu techniques


Nino Bernardo’s Basement Gym/Kwoon 87 Wing Chun Memories

Dai Gor Micheal louison doing one version of the second form Chum kiu

Sifu Nino Bernardo now lives and teaches in Ibiza, I also have great memory’s of Nino’s “Basement” Gym and that early experience inspired me on the path to learn and now teach Wing Chun/Ving Tsun here in Bristol.